What Should I Do If My Family Doctor Is Unavailable?

//What Should I Do If My Family Doctor Is Unavailable?

If your family doctor is not able to see you on short notice, you may understandably be feeling a bit antsy. But don’t fret – whether you’re dealing with a nasty chronic illness or just looking for a quick wellness check-up, there are still plenty of immediate alternatives you can make use of. Your scope of care will largely be dependent on where you’re located, and may include urgent care, walk-in clinics, or emergency room services. It’s alright to feel a bit worried in these circumstances, but just know that there are plenty of independent and network-backed facilities to address your non-emergency medical needs. Here are a few smart actions to take when your family doctor is not available for a same-day check in:

1.      Book A Telemedicine Appointment

Ever heard of this digital urgent care solution? Just type ‘telemedicine’ into your Macbook and you’ll see what we mean. Telemedicine is a service that offers live video chat with a licensed general practitioner either through your phone or computer. Not all plans include this new service, but some networks have incorporated it into theirs, so check to see if yours is one of them.  

2.      Visit a Network-Backed Urgent Care Center

Urgent care centers are literally everywhere now, so your town or city should definitely have one ready to accept you for a walk-in appointment. It’s evolved from a rare technology used solely for patients in remote locations to the most convenient, time-sensitive source for extensive health care. Here at Immediate MedCare, we’ve developed our own approach to hybrid servicing, specializing in family doctor and one-time urgent care services. Our wide range of care includes service for EKGs, skin procedures, diabetes care, blood analysis at our in-house labs, and routine wellness exams for folks in the state of Florida.

3.      Try A Retail Clinic

These are low-cost facilities that will appear in your local pharmacies and strip malls, offering a smaller and more specialized range of services. Retail clinics are ideal for walk-in appointments, but make sure you’re in-network – you won’t want to fork up the big bucks for a wellness check-up just because the clinic attached to your Rite-Aid doesn’t support Humana plans (don’t worry, we still do!).

  • These are the most immediate, economically-sound options that we would recommend, but if you’re dealing with something more serious, we’d urge you to visit the emergency room at your nearest hospital or call 911 if you’re in dire need of immediate medical attention. With Immediate MedCare, we want everyone to feel more empowered to address their varied health needs at any time, which is why all our physicians are on call 24/7. If you need to schedule an appointment today, contact us.