These Tips Will Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

//These Tips Will Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to remember that the winter can easily become a downward spiral into unwanted weight gain. You want to enjoy yourself over the next few months without feeling guilty and unhappy in January, so use the following tips to have a memorable yet healthy holiday season.

Eat Before the Party

Arriving at a party buffet hungry is just as dangerous as going grocery shopping hungry. By eating before you arrive at parties, you reduce your calorie intake and prevent impulsive or social eating. Even a small salad, large glass of water, smoothie, or peanut butter toast can make all the difference in what you put on your plate at that party.
Remember There’s Always Tomorrow

It’s so tempting during holiday gatherings to snatch up every sinful dessert and tempting entree, but remember, there is always tomorrow, always another opportunity to eat delicious food. It’s not like all of the cookies, brownies, and mac and cheese will disappear after the party ends. Pace yourself and enjoy one or two treats at each party, rather than piling them all in at one time. You’ll enjoy your treats more when you savor each one.

Match Each Drink with Water

Increased alcohol intake is one of the easiest and sneakiest ways to gain weight over the holidays, especially since it seems like every social occasion involves drinking when holiday celebrations are involved. You may not realize the toll your increased alcohol intake is having on your body until it’s too late.

By matching each alcoholic drink with a glass of water, you will decrease how much alcohol you consume and reduce associated bloating.

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