The Top Four Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Those With Arthritis

//The Top Four Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Those With Arthritis

If you are struggling with the pain and diminished range of motion caused by arthritis, you aren’t alone! Arthritis is the leading cause of disability, especially in men and women over the age of 65. This degenerative disease destroys the cartilage in your joints to the point that your bones begin to rub together. Even walking can become difficult, let alone exercising.

This is exactly why aquatic exercise is such an important and valuable form of physical activity for those with arthritis. Experts still suggest that people with arthritis get 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week, and swimming makes this possible without the pain.

Aquatic Exercise Reduces Strain on Joints

Working out in water enables cardiovascular exercise with minimal stress and strain on arthritic joints. This is because water actually supports the body’s weight, in turn minimizing the amount of stress placed on weight-bearing joints like the knees and hips.

Erasing the normal burden of pain helps those with arthritis achieve a larger range of motion than would ever be possible in standard exercises. Without the presence of pain and stiff joints, the body can practice a full range of motion and improve flexibility.

Aquatic Exercise Adds Resistance Training

Water palso creates gentle resistance during exercise, as much as 12 times the amount of air! This provides a safe, painless way to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance without straining the joints.

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