The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Humana Provider

//The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Humana Provider

Many older adults are turning to Humana’s Advantage Plan for Medicare to help them manage the costs of their healthcare. These plans can be highly beneficial, but they are also complex. It can be difficult to get the most out of your healthcare plan, but our specialists are experts in Medicare and Humana plans. All Humana plans require you to choose one primary care physician. Here are three reasons you should choose us for this service.

5-Star Care

Our five available clinics in Spring Hill, Brooksville, Northcliffe, Manatee, and Bradenton have been given 5-star ratings for care and service. All of our staff are highly trained and experts in their field, whether it be the receptionist who greets you, the nurse who takes your blood pressure, or the doctor who treats you. We have a reputation for providing the best possible comprehensive healthcare for Medicare and Humana patients.

Diverse Care

We offer a variety of services, going well beyond annual wellness exams. Our clinics are able to provide services such as EKGs, skin procedures, and diabetes management. We also have in-house blood and urine analysis services. By providing multiple services for our patients, we cut out the middleman and referral process that is required with Humana plans.

Humana Experts

We have been providing healthcare services for those over 65 for many years. We are experts in handling Humana plans, as well as original Medicare. Our staff is trained and educated in all policies and procedures with these plans, which means fewer denials and quicker approvals for necessary treatments and specialist referrals.

If you have or will be getting a Humana plan in the near future, please contact us for more information about using us as your Humana provider. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your initial appointment.