Skin Cancer: Symptoms and Screenings

//Skin Cancer: Symptoms and Screenings

Do you wear sunscreen religiously every time you go outside? If not, you are one of the many people at risk for skin cancer. Skin cancer doesn’t have to be scary. While it is the most common type of cancer in America, it is also the most easily treatable. Most types of skin cancer do not spread to other parts of the body, and they are easily cured by removing the cancerous tissues. Only melanoma moves to other parts of the body, and it is responsible for the deaths from skin cancer.

Even though skin cancer may not kill you, it is still important to get it diagnosed and treated right away. The longer skin cancer is undiagnosed, the more likely it will continue to spread all over the skin, making treatment more difficult. If you have symptoms of skin cancer, you should see a doctor to have a skin cancer screening.

Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Most of the symptoms of skin cancer are easily detectable by the patient. Any changes in the appearance of your skin should be brought to a doctor’s attention. Although not every mole is an indication of skin cancer, new moles that look irregular should be checked. Moles that change significantly in size, shape, or color should also be screened.


During a skin cancer screening, your doctor will carefully examine all of your skin for blemishes and irregularities. If any are found, he or she will examine them to determine if it is possible that they are cancerous. Any spots that the doctor thinks could be indications of skin cancer will then be biopsied, after which a pathologist will be able to determine if it is, in fact, skin cancer.

If you have irregular moles and other blemishes that worry you, contact us today for more information or to schedule your skin cancer screening.