Planning for the Year Ahead: Scheduling Your Annual Physical Exam

//Planning for the Year Ahead: Scheduling Your Annual Physical Exam

Another year is coming to a close, and a new year is just on the horizon. With the new year coming, there are a lot of things to plan for the coming year. While you are making New Year’s resolutions and determining your plans for 2020, don’t forget to schedule important appointments, including your annual physical exam.

Why Get an Exam?

There are a lot of great reasons to get a physical exam every year. First, an annual exam can help your doctor catch illnesses, diseases, and medical conditions early before symptoms become severe. Often, effective and swift treatment depends on early diagnosis of conditions. During your physical exam, your doctor will likely request certain labs that will give them a clear picture of your overall health so that any issues can be addressed.

Second, an annual physical is a great time to get your questions answered and bring up any concerns to your doctor. It’s a good time to talk to your doctor about weight loss, quitting smoking, and other lifestyle changes that they may be able to assist you with. Your annual exam is your chance to talk to your doctor about anything and everything having to do with your overall health so that you are prepared to take care of yourself better in the next year.

Finally, you can often get incentives from your health insurance company for getting an annual physical. It has been proven that when patients have an annual physical exam they are less likely to have expensive medical procedures and medications in the future. This means that getting your exam could save both you and your insurance company money. To give you an incentive to do this, many health plans offer premium discounts or cash incentives for getting an annual physical exam.

Don’t put off making your appointment. Even if you don’t plan to visit the doctor until February or March, now is a great time to schedule your appointment. Contact us today to schedule your annual physical exam for 2020.