3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive


Vaccinations aren’t just for newborns and young children. These simple shots are just as important for older adults who are vulnerable to illnesses like the flu and shingles. If you are older than 50, consider these shots to be an essential part of your ongoing preventative health care. The Flu Shot The flu shot protects against influenza and its dangerous complications. It contains an inactivated form of the influenza virus to help the body develop the antibodies necessary for protection against infection. Since the flu is most common in the winter months, the CDC recommends vaccination by the end of October [...]

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3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive


There are many complicated and expensive things that you can do to improve your health, but getting the right vaccinations is simple and affordable. Contrary to popular belief, vaccinations aren’t just for babies and toddlers. There are a number of vaccinations that all adults should receive to prevent unnecessary illness and maintain the best quality of life. If you haven’t seen a doctor recently to receive the following three vaccinations, call to schedule your appointment soon. The Flu Shot This is by far the most common vaccination for adults. Since the flu shot contains an inactivated form of the influenza virus, [...]

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