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3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive


Vaccinations aren’t just for newborns and young children. These simple shots are just as important for older adults who are vulnerable to illnesses like the flu and shingles. If you are older than 50, consider these shots to be an essential part of your ongoing preventative health care. The Flu Shot The flu shot protects against influenza and its dangerous complications. It contains an inactivated form of the influenza virus to help the body develop the antibodies necessary for protection against infection. Since the flu is most common in the winter months, the CDC recommends vaccination by the end of October [...]

3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive2018-11-19T21:03:06-04:00

These Tips Will Prevent Holiday Weight Gain


As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to remember that the winter can easily become a downward spiral into unwanted weight gain. You want to enjoy yourself over the next few months without feeling guilty and unhappy in January, so use the following tips to have a memorable yet healthy holiday season. Eat Before the Party Arriving at a party buffet hungry is just as dangerous as going grocery shopping hungry. By eating before you arrive at parties, you reduce your calorie intake and prevent impulsive or social eating. Even a small salad, large glass of water, smoothie, or peanut butter [...]

These Tips Will Prevent Holiday Weight Gain2018-11-19T21:01:07-04:00

How Important Is a Pap Smear and Prostate Exam?


Preventative health screenings are the cheapest and simplest ways to protect your health and prevent serious diseases. For women in particular, a pap smear checks for cervical cancer, while for men a prostate exam can detect prostate cancer. Given that these conditions kill thousands of people every year, preventative screenings should be used to their full power. A Quick Guide to Pap Smears A pap smear is completed by scraping cells from the opening of a woman’s cervix, the lower part of the uterus, and examining them under a microscope. It’s a very quick and easy test that can be completed [...]

How Important Is a Pap Smear and Prostate Exam?2018-11-19T20:58:26-04:00

The Top Four Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Those With Arthritis


If you are struggling with the pain and diminished range of motion caused by arthritis, you aren’t alone! Arthritis is the leading cause of disability, especially in men and women over the age of 65. This degenerative disease destroys the cartilage in your joints to the point that your bones begin to rub together. Even walking can become difficult, let alone exercising. This is exactly why aquatic exercise is such an important and valuable form of physical activity for those with arthritis. Experts still suggest that people with arthritis get 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week, and swimming makes [...]

The Top Four Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Those With Arthritis2018-11-19T20:54:13-04:00

Do You Have COPD?


Some health conditions are easy to detect, but others are subtle enough to quietly develop over time and only reveal themselves when a cure is no longer possible. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is one such condition. Unfortunately, COPD becomes even more dangerous if it continues undiagnosed and untreated for many years. Use this quick guide to familiarize yourself with the initial warning signs of COPD so you can seek preventative care and avoid the serious complications associated with this disease. What Are the Signs of COPD? COPD is an umbrella term for a collection of progressive lung diseases like chronic [...]

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3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive


There are many complicated and expensive things that you can do to improve your health, but getting the right vaccinations is simple and affordable. Contrary to popular belief, vaccinations aren’t just for babies and toddlers. There are a number of vaccinations that all adults should receive to prevent unnecessary illness and maintain the best quality of life. If you haven’t seen a doctor recently to receive the following three vaccinations, call to schedule your appointment soon. The Flu Shot This is by far the most common vaccination for adults. Since the flu shot contains an inactivated form of the influenza virus, [...]

3 Vaccines All Adults Should Receive2018-11-19T20:48:58-04:00

Everything You Should Know about Geriatric Care


47847021 - nurses pushing seniors in wheelchair thru nursing home Americans are living longer than ever before, which is placing a newfound emphasis on the best and most effective medical care for the elderly. Just like pediatricians specialize in caring for children, geriatricians focus on the health and wellness of older adults. Since the elderly are far more likely to suffer from complex medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and heart disease, the expertise of a geriatrician can prove very valuable for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management. The Main Elements of Geriatrics The body experiences significant physiological changes [...]

Everything You Should Know about Geriatric Care2018-06-27T21:56:45-04:00

Beware of the Infection that Could Be Lurking in Your Local Pool


Most people don’t equate summertime with sickness, but unfortunately data shows that more and more people are becoming infected with a nasty bug called cryptosporidiosis from an unexpected source: the swimming pool. Commonly known as crypto, this diarrhea-causing parasitic infection survives for days at a time in chlorinated pool water and makes it all too easy for children and adults to become ill for up two or three weeks.   Basics Facts About Cryptosporidiosis According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, crypto is the most common cause of diarrhea illness. It spreads when people come in contact [...]

Beware of the Infection that Could Be Lurking in Your Local Pool2018-06-27T22:01:47-04:00